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Emergency Treatment Unit Aralaganwila Hospital

We are excited to announce the recent completion of the new Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) sponsored by us at the Divisional Hospital, at Aralaganwila, in the Polonnaruwa district. As a rural farming community, Aralaganwila has not had the best healthcare opportunities available. The Divisional Hospital has been responsible for the entire population’s care, but has not had the equipment or designated space to properly attend to the most urgent medical situations. With the construction of the new ETU, the Divisional hospital can now more swiftly and competently accommodate its patients, with proper facilities for treating emergency cases. We constructed the ETU at a cost of over Rs. 4 million, and it was opened on 16th July 2013 by Hon. Maithripala Sirisena, Minister of Health. The new facility enables the immediate treatment of a wide variety of critical cases, including snake bites, poisoning (both accidental and attempted suicide), traumatic injuries, severe asthma, and even elephant attacks.

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