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Working at Hemas Pharma

About Us
We rank as Sri Lanka’s premier healthcare product distributor, both Hemas Pharmaceuticals and Hemas Surgicals & Diagnostics employ over 650 expert staff members. Representing over 25 prestigious international principals and implementing the most advanced technological systems has empowered us to earn an annual turnover of over 9 billion LKR. Our success continues to grow, and with it, so does the success of our stakeholders and our teams.

Why Work For Us?
As the eminent figure of Sri Lanka’s healthcare industry, we are in a unique position to provide skilled, ambitious workers with the resources and environment they need to excel. We encourage innovative thinking, and supply each and every one of our employees with the training and tools required to stimulate their development. This includes an extensive set of internal, external, and overseas programs such as Awareness/Information sessions, Functional/Technical Training, Soft Skills Development etc. Some of our programs include the Leadership Development Program, Pharmaceutical Marketing Qualifications, as well as Language Skill Development programs.

The values and standards we have require that the ambitions of our team members come from ethical motivations. Our world-class team does not merely perform for the sake of performance, they do so because they are passionate about making a difference in the industry. The opportunities here at Hemas Healthcare are endless, and constantly evolving as we adapt to meet the needs of the rapidly shifting landscape. Working for us will empower you with knowledge, insight, and principles that can truly make an impact in the current and future market.

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