Hemas Pharmaceuticals-number one Pharmaceutical company, distributing healthcare products in Sri Lanka

About Us

Hemas Pharmaceuticals

For over six decades we’ve held the position as Sri Lanka’s leading pharmaceutical importer and distributor, and we’ve got the figures to show for it. When combined with Hemas Surgicals & Diagnostics, our annual turnover exceeded LKR 10 billion In 2014/2015. Additionally, we boast a collective team of over 650 talented employees and represent more than 25 of the most distinguished international and regional pharmaceutical manufacturers. As a fully owned subsidiary of Hemas Holdings PLC, we inherit a reputation as one of Sri Lanka’s premier public quoted conglomerates.

It is our persistence and skill for innovation that has allowed us to maintain our golden standards throughout the years. We pride ourselves on being one of the most streamlined and modernized organisations in the nation’s industry, with sales and distribution operations that go unrivalled in their level of advancement. Our operations are designed to be ultra-efficient: fully automated, and geared towards providing each of our business partners with the solutions they need.

We currently hold 22% of the market share, reigning as Sri Lanka’s largest, and ever-growing, pharmaceutical distributor. In all our years, we’ve forged some powerful relationships with top industry partners. By leveraging these relationships and implementing our world-class systems, we have been able to consistently deliver high quality pharmaceuticals to hospitals and pharmacies in every part of the country.

In all our work, we adhere to the highest codes of ethics. We make maximum contributions to ensure that integrity is preserved at every step of our processes. Our specialized departments are headed by professional managers who have logistics down to a science. Their excellent work methods combined with our efficient protocols ensure that all aspects of the supply chain flow right into the fast track, including registration, inventory management, importation and clearing, warehousing, selling and distribution, and tendering.

Our financial position and past performance help support the business of principals and agencies while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, corporate governance and financial compliance.

All this is backed by a dedicated team of HR professionals who ensure that we have the right people for our company and they are properly trained and motivated.

We are an IT-focused company, strategically utilising the latest technologies to empower our staff and our Principals with the most current data in order to make better-informed and timely decisions. By doing so, we are able to gather invaluable data for our staff and principals and optimize workflows. We also promote the cross-functional sharing of information by utilizing the world-renowned Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution SAP, along with other state of the art, customized tracking systems.

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