Hemas pharmaceutical distributors – empowered with tailor made online re-distribution systems

About Us



We take a holistic approach to the operations of our organization, equipping the worlds most advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, SAP, to keep things fully streamlined. Tactical use of SAP has given us the power to tighten the loop on all of our operations. The result is increased efficiency in workflows, enhanced timeliness, and thus, better service for each and every one of our principals.

One of our latest technological initiatives is the deployment of the latest mobile technology. These smart tools are used by our sales force to automate order canvassing and processing, acting as an invaluable mechanism for optimizing each step of our service matrix. This cutting edge mobile e-commerce solution is backed by our proprietary online redistribution system, the combination of which facilitates swifter decision making and implementation for our principal organizations. This synergy of systems provides complete tracking capabilities of detailed primary and secondary sales data, all the way down the line to the pharmacy level.

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